Building Custom Web3 Solutions for Enterprises, Artists and Brands

LiveArt NFT is a White Label platform for web3 projects supporting branded deployments, multiple royalty receivers, and a smooth e-commerce buying experience.

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Create and brand

Customize your web and mobile application to match your brand.

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Research, compare, and trade

Download the free LiveArt App to supercharge your collecting. Browse the largest database of artist records, stream live auctions, and engage in real-time private sales.


Sell and grow

Develop a concept and sales mechanism that propels your NFT drop for success and grows your community of buyers.

A full set of features for any project

Buy Now, Auction, direct minting
Cash and Crypto
Token Gating
Creator Tools
Branded Smart Contracts
Community Rewards
Web Components
NFT Marketplace

Benefits, rewards and utility

$ART can be incorporated into any project for out of the box utility. $ART is a utility token powering art and culture in web3.